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Our monthly management fee equals 8% of one month’s rent. Our minimum monthly management fee however is $100.00 per month. For example

if your rent is $1,500.00 per month, you would take .08 times $1,500.00 and that would give you $120.00 per month as a monthly management fee.

if your monthly rent times 8% is less than $100.00 you will still pay $100.00 per month.


These are cost to find you a new tenant when your property is or becomes vacant.

Our leasing fee is half of the first month’s rent. This is a ONE TIME fee per tenant and not an ongoing annual fee.

For example if your rent is $1,500.00 per month, 1,500 divided into two would give you $750.00 as our leasing fee.

Our minimum leasing fee is $600.00 per tenant.

This fee includes advertisement through our website and other internet sites. We will be persistent in daily advertising

until your property is leased. The average time it takes for us to lease out our properties is around 2 to 5 weeks.


We place all properties on the Multiple Listing Service. If you wish to list your property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) the listing fee is $300.00, which will be added

to half of first month’s rent. We offer any MLS agent who refers a tenant to us a fee of $300.00. We feel it is important to share your property

with realtors who can view and bring us a good tenant for your property, although most of the time we lease our own properties in-house.

An example would be if your property's rent is $1,500.00 per month, and in this case your MLS Listing Fee would be $300.00 which would be

added to the general leasing fee which is $750.00 (as explained above), your total Leasing fee would be $1,050.00

All other cost such as advertising for the property leased is paid by our company and any balancer is retained by our office.

Although we lease most of our properties in house, we still recommend that you allow us

to place your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to maximize exposure to your property.

It should take us about 2 to 5 weeks to find a good tenant for your property.

All Internet advertising and in-house advertising to our book of business etc. is free to you although only 5% of our tenants come from MLS,

we feel we must expose your home to all possible sources to rent your property to the best tenant in the shortest period of time.

Our primary goal is to save you time and to prevent you from losing rent payments.

Your tenants will have great access to us at our office that is located on the main street in Concord, CA.

We are available at any convenient time for your tenant, including nights and weekends.

We are professionals that are licensed by the state of California.


1. RESULTS: Most of our lease listings are leased within 14 to 37 days.
2. FOR LEASE SIGN: We place our bold and effective lease signs on your property. They stand on a tall white post and attract tenants. (Not Mandatory)

3. ADVERTISING: We find tenants from various internet sites that we advertise on, word of mouth, current clients and the professional multiple listing service of two local boards of realtors.

4. CREDIT CHECKS: We run a 3-Bureau credit check on each potential tenant.

5. EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION: We verify the tenant's employment history.

6. LEASES: We provide you with protection by using the best leases and addendum's in the business.

7. SERVICE: We screen each prospective tenant personally. We run 3 credit checks, we verify employment, we check savings and/or deposits and we compare income to expenses to make sure the tenants can afford to rent your property.

8. ACCOUNTING: We mail you monthly income and expense statements and annual 10-99's.

9. TRADESMEN: We have affiliations with many local tradesmen who can save you hundreds of dollars when unexpected repairs are needed. We know who to call for all/any repairs.

10. EVICTIONS: If needed we know which local real estate eviction attorneys to use for quick evictions at low reasonable fees.

11. NO UP FRONT FEES: No management fees are paid in advance. All of our fees come from the collection of the new tenant’s first month's rent and security deposit.

12. WALK THORUGHS: We do an initial extensive physical walk through of each property for all new accounts. After that we recommend that you have an annual inspection by a contractor which will do a complete inspection and write a report and make recommendations. You can have as many inspections as you like, or none at all, it is all your choice. In addition to our written report we can take digital photos of your property so we can look back at a later date to compare move-in and move-out conditions.

13. WE KEEP UP TO DATE ON: Laws and regulations. We keep current on mold, Megan's Law Disclosure forms, Smoke Alarm Regulations, Water, etc.

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